Below are some recent articles where Connors Law Group (CLG) has been in the news.

• May 2019: CLG Client Receives $4.5 Million Award.

On May 24, 2019, the SEC issued a $4.5 million award to one of CLG's Brazilian FCPA whistleblower clients because that client anonymously alerted the company (Biomet) that it was continuing to use corrupt distributors to win government business. The Wall Street Journal published an article on the $4.5 million award, which can be seen here. Bloomberg also published an article on the award stating: "The [CLG client] will get the money for playing a crucial role in helping the Securities and Exchange Commission uncover a bribery scandal at Biomet Inc. that spanned the globe, his attorneys Christopher Connors and Andy Rickman said in a Friday statement that didn’t identify the doctor by name. 'Today’s award will spur many would-be foreign whistleblowers to come forward now that they know that the SEC is committed to rewarding whistleblowers' for tips tied to violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act anti-bribery law, said Connors and Rickman." The Bloomberg article can be seen here. In its press release, the SEC explained: “This is the first time a claimant is being awarded under this provision of the whistleblower rules, which was designed to incentivize internal reporting by whistleblowers who also report to the SEC within 120 days.”

• May 2019: CLG Client Triggers Half A Billion Dollar Teva Settlement.

On May 1, 2019, Global Investigation Review published a detailed article about how a CLG client triggered the U.S. government’s $519 million Teva settlement, which will result in a reward for CLG's client anywhere from $51.9 million to $155.7 million (which represents 10% to 30% of the total fine). The article also notes that Mr. Connors “represented a whistleblower in a foreign bribery probe into German healthcare firm Fresenius, which recently settled FCPA charges [for $231 million].” This will result in a reward anywhere from $23.1 million to $69.3 million for CLG’s Fresenius client. The article describes Mr. Connors' and his counterpart Andy Rickman's extensive experience representing FCPA and anti-corruption whistleblowers globally as follows: “Rickman and Connors will be well-known to FCPA defense lawyers and prosecutors alike. The pair have sought to corner the market of FCPA whistleblowers.” Click here for a PDF of the article and here for the link to it.

• Feb. 2019: CLG Client Triggers Quarter Billion Dollar Settlement. 


See S. Rubenfeld, German Dialysis Firm Reaches Agreement in Bribery Probe (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 25, 2019) (explaining how a CLG client's "anonymous whistleblower complaint" led to a massive settlement over $200 million). Click here for a PDF of the article and here for the link to it.

• Aug. 2018: CLG Client Awaiting Whistleblower Payout "Anywhere From $3 Million To $14 Million." 


See D. Michaels, SEC Whistleblower Payouts Slow Amid Deluge of Reward Seekers (Wall Street Journal, Aug. 5, 2018) (noting delay in the SEC award claims process but explaining that, after such delay, a CLG whistleblower client is set to get a "payout anywhere from $3 million to $14 million"). Click here for a PDF of the article and here for the link to it.

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